Need Your Foundations Reinforced?

What Exactly Is Reinforced Concrete?

Reinforced concrete is mixed with strong materials which will increase the strength under tension making it less likely to fail. The development of this harks back to the 1800s and proved to be revolutionary in building designs. However, today, it is probably the most common building material in the world for buildings and key structural elements which have to withstand substantial stress.

A specific type known as ferroconcrete, has metal bars, grids or plates inside. Other materials, such as glass, plastics, and fibers, can be used also to make concrete more durable. These alternatives can be used in environments where traits such as resistance to spalling and transparency to the radio, where concrete flakes or chips are desired. Normally, the alkaline environment inside protects these reinforcing materials, but, they can be treated also to resist corrosion when there are some concerns.

This building material has to be engineered very carefully. When it does not get reinforced sufficiently, the concrete will be weak and possibly fail. However, loading concrete which is too heavily reinforced makes is brittle and inflexible. When working with concrete, there is a fine line which is being walked in order for the concrete to resist tension and stress, and still, provide flexibility which will allow it to give before fracturing or failing.

Reinforced concrete is a popular construction material because it is strong, easy to work with, and inexpensive. It is frequently used for structural walls and foundations, as it is able to support a great deal of weight. Entire structures can be made using this for cost or to meet a specific requirement. It can be shaped and molded in ways which are not possible for some materials, providing opportunities for more visually intriguing and innovative designs. If you are just about to lay your home’s foundations, call Cool Looking Concrete C.L.C in San Jose, CA first on (408) 469-3470.

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